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Let’s Face It:  You’re in Business to Win.


In a world that grows more competitive and demanding each day, the difference between first place and second best can be razor thin.  And whether your organization is large or small, you want to make sure you give yourself every opportunity, every tool, to win.

And winning is what The Welchert Company is all about.

We have the ability to see the big picture, as well as the smallest details.  Just as important, we know how to formulate the kinds of strategies that can help you achieve your short-term goals.  Or long-term goals.  Even some goals you might not have thought of. 

At the core of our philosophy is teamwork.  We don’t just work for a client, we work with a client.  Whether we’re offering strategic planning, orchestrating a news conference, analyzing data or managing a crisis, our focus is on a collaborative effort.  You can learn more about our team’s principal by scrolling below.

Steve Welchert forms teams based on each client’s specific and individualized needs. He has built a track record of success working with a cadre of pros from coast-to-coast that bring cutting edge work in polling and research, digital/social media, TV and electronic communications, direct mail and collateral and grassroots/grasstops organizing. 

We know how to do this because at The Welchert Company our business is winning.

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Steve Welchert brings a rich depth of experience to his public affairs career. He's a former Big Ten lineman (he rode the pine), a stunt man opposite Sly Stallone (mostly on the cutting room floor), a Governor's lobbyist (in a veto proof legislature) and a member of three presidential campaigns. 

Welchert is one of the most successful political and public affairs consultants in the Rocky Mountain region.  The University of Iowa graduate has won 17 Pollie Awards (the Oscar of politics), eleven national Communicator Awards and been cited by Campaigns and Elections magazine as a top regional Influencer and was named one of the most successful political consulting firms in the nation.  Over the years, Steve Welchert has worked on hundreds of candidate and issue campaigns in over a dozen states.  Clients have included; Roy Romer, Mark Udall, Ed Perlmutter, Federico Peña, Tom Strickland, Mike Feeley and Barack Obama for President. 

The firm has also passed elections securing over $3 billion in revenue for the improvement of schools and local governments throughout the country.  He’s won four statewide ballot measures with national policy ramifications including a huge upset to preserve bi-lingual educational choices for immigrant children; a mandate for renewable energy standards for new electricity; and in 2008 defeated Right-to-Work for the first time anywhere in the nation in 30 years.

Welchert directed the historic Western Hemisphere Trade Ministerial and Commerce Forum for leaders from 34 democracies.  President Clinton pointed to the event’s success as a reason to award Denver the G-8 Summit two years later.  He created and managed El Liderazgo del Futuro (Leadership for the Future) which provided training for over two thousand emerging Hispanic leaders from across the country and was hailed as a “magnificent achievement” by then California Speaker of the House Antonio Villaraigosa who keynoted the three-day event. 

Previously, Welchert served as Legislative Liaison for Colorado Governor Richard D. Lamm, where he helped author legislation, coordinate executive lobbying efforts and assist in media and public relations.  He was also Senior Education Advisor to the Governor where he staffed the NGA subcommittee.  He went on to serve Denver Mayor Federico Peña, first as Issues Director and the candidate's debate coach and later to manage the successful ten question Denver Bond election, the largest in the city's history up to that time. 

Welchert was a member of the inaugural Denver Baseball Commission and Mayor Webb asked him to serve on the city’s Winter Park Resort Advisory Council.  He has served for many years as an on-air political analyst (CBS and ABC affiliates) in Denver, and is often quoted in local and national media as an expert commentator on political and public policy issues.  He was asked by Politico magazine to provide swing state analysis as part of a national panel reviewing the 2016 presidential election. He has received the prestigious Phi Delta Kappa Leadership Award from the University of Denver as well as being honored by the Hispanic Bar Association and the National Association of Bilingual Educators.  He also served as an advisory board member for the CU-Denver School of Political Science and the City of Denver Elections Division.

About Steve Welchert

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