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The Welchert Company is often featured in the media.
Here are a few recent examples.
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These days Colorado is just plain blue, said Steve Welchert, a Democratic consultant who puts the A-plus in political analyst.

“Not purple, not periwinkle, not powder blue,” he explained in the Dec. 14 Zoom chat with friends of the University of Denver and a handful of us politicos.

Trump Impeachment Puts A Crimp In Michael Bennet’s New Hampshire Primary Plans
[Steve Welchert] warned the danger is for the wider Democratic party. “You risk making Donald Trump a martyr. You risk energizing his base beyond where they’re energized now. And I’m not sure you do much to help your own base. So, I think there are a lot of landmines for Democrats moving forward.”
Politics Unplugged: Steve Welchert
Analyzes the First Democratic Presidential Debate
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    • 17 Pollie Awards (The Oscar of politics and public affairs)



    • Crystal Award of Excellence (11 total awards)



    • Leadership Award, Phi Delta Kappa, University of Denver

    • Community Service Award, Hispanic Bar Association

    • Named, “Top Influencers,” Campaigns & Elections magazine, 2011

    • Honoree, National Association of Bilingual Educators  

    • Inaugural Ballie Award, Ballot Institute Strategy Center (BISC)

    • Who’s Who in Communications & Who’s Who in the West

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